In the age of Covid-19 and learning new ways to connect while being safe, hiring a yacht personal chef in Orlando is growing in popularity. Whether you own a yacht or rent one, inviting your friends and family over while enjoying time on the water is safer than sitting inside of a restaurant. At SMO Table, the best Orlando dinner party chef service, we know the importance of staying safe and enjoying a dinner party. Here are the top reasons you should hire a private chef in Orlando for your next yacht party.

  1. You Get Privacy

How many times have you gone to a private restaurant with friends and the music was too loud and it seemed impossible to talk? Often you leave and want to go out to drinks or find a new location so you can finish a conversation. You invite friends out to dinner to enjoy their company, and it’s hard to do in a loud restaurant.  When you hire a yacht personal chef in Orlando, you can enjoy your guests without being rushed, interrupted, or having loud music playing. The best Orlando dinner party chef service is a great service for when you want to enjoy a delicious meal, a beautiful sunset, and privacy with your guests.

  1. Safety

By hiring a private chef in Orlando for your yacht party, you greatly minimize the spread of Covid-19 and other germs such as cold and flu bugs because everything is outdoors.  When you are on a boat instead of a busy restaurant, you are exposed to a tiny select group of people, significantly minimizing your likelihood of getting sick.

Private Chef in Orlando

  1. Ambiance

Talk about a beautiful backdrop to your meal. When you hire the best yacht personal chef in Orlando, you also get to have an amazing experience in the water with friends and family. Enjoy wildlife, nature, and amazing sunsets as you dine on a delicious meal with full service and bartending with luxury service at SMO Table.  All you have to do is sit back and enjoy a beautiful backdrop to your dinner.

  1. You Can Pick the Menu

When you go to a restaurant, it’s rare that you will have something for everyone. However, when you hire a personal chef to make your meal, it can be catered to your specific likings. It is also possible to account for food allergies or aversions of your guests. This means everyone will have something they love and can be protected from being exposed to food allergy dangers.

Private Chef in Orlando

At SMO Table, we are also the best personal catering service in Tampa and are the best yacht personal chef in Tampa, making SMO Table the top choice to hire for your next dinner party, whether you are in Tampa or Orlando. Not only do we offer so many choices in cuisine and how you want it served, but we are flexible in location as well. Give us a call at (216) 990-8349 or visit our website to see the many options, we have and book a quote online.